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The Night At The Hotel. Episode VI (The Conclusion)

Episode VI
There was no knocking coming in from anywhere, I saw bright lights all around, everywhere was spotlessly white, I think I could see my dad waving at me or something, I waved back at him, he stretched his hand and I stretched mine to touch his but he wasn’t as close to me as he appeared to, he whispered that I should try to get up from my seat with a loving smile and I smiled back, I heard him whisper that he had missed his favorite daughter and I said that I had missed him too, I was trying to get up from my seat to meet with my dad but was having a little difficulty doing that, I hadn’t been a good girl lately so if I was in heaven then I would be surprised, not that I had hoped my dad wouldn’t go to heaven, no kid thought of such but I couldn’t just get up, “You have to get up, you have to, close your eyes and open it again” he whispered to me still giving me that sweet smile, I smiled and shut my eyes, I tried to lift my body from my seat before opening them again, I still couldn’t, I opened my eyes and my dad was gone now, I blinked twice to get my focus right, I wonder where he went to just now and why he left,

I sat there staring at the bright blank space till I understood where I was, I was still at the hotel suite, the large window was busted open and the sunlight was blinding, its brightness was everywhere, I recognized the curtains, the blinds and the furniture in the room, the carpet on the floor and so on, I wondered why I was all alone in the room, I blinked slowly this time and on opening my eyes I realized I still had the two children in my deadly embrace, they had woken up already and had tried not to wake me up, I looked at the both of them and forced a smile, “how are you sweeties?” I asked them, “You were having a dream” the older one said to me, I gave them another smile and would had asked if they had had a good night if I hadn’t seen the tear-scared face the younger one still had, I looked down at the position I was holding them and everything came flooding back into my mind, I blinked sharply and released them to stand up before I could jump up myself, I tried to get up but the two legs that had been left in a funny position for hours wouldn’t let me, they felt cold and electrocuted, I couldn’t even feel my toes and I pinched myself several times, I wanted to leave the room quickly, I told the older one to find my purse and car keys and he found it on the dining table without delay, I watched him bring them to me and still couldn’t move, the younger one tugged at my shoulder and asked what was wrong, I smiled and told him to give me some time, I dragged myself up slowly with the help of the doorknob and stood up straight but still couldn’t move, I guess rustiness came with aging and I cursed under my breath then I moved my left foot slightly, I felt like someone without legs and I still held on to the doorknob to maintain my balance, I turned it to get the door opened but it wouldn’t even bulge, the older boy tapped me on the elbow and handed me the room key, I looked at him in surprise and felt stupid, “Ofcourse I locked the door when we got in Miss stupid”, I took the key from him and unlocked the door and just like a trick it did opened, I ushered the two kids out of the room and turned around to stare at the busted window again should in case it was all in my imagination but the window remained busted and shattered glassed were all over the bed and floor, I was tempted to look some more maybe I could understand some things but I changed my mind and pulled my two legs out of the room, at the entrance of the room stood a food trolley that looked like breakfast had just been served, I hissed with annoyance and ignored it,  the two kids wanted to help me move but I told them not to bother, I held both their hands and walked towards the lobby dragging my legs and flexing each foot everytime I moved, I had my frown ready because I didn’t want any hotel attendant to ask me any dumb question or something about last night, I walked into the lobby and it was already bright-lit with activities going on like all was well, I didn’t bother to check out but we simply walked towards the exit, they all seemed to be in a good mood as they all smiled and said ‘good morning’ cheerfully to me, I was short of words and couldn’t answer them at all, “These were the same people present last night, why are they acting so normal?” I thought within myself, the door man smiled and touched his cap before opening the door for me, I met the bar man on the way out as he was about entering the hotel cleaning his hands with a face towel, he too smiled and said “good morning ma’am”, I still said nothing but watched him in astonishment as he passed me by, I turned back and we walked towards my car, I then remembered my tyre and began to panic inside, I knew that I would cry if I had to talk to any of those deranged fellows back in that hotel to get it fixed as I got closer to it but the tyre seemed to be in a good shape, I couldn’t even smile although I was deeply surprised and maybe pleased, I unlocked the car and the kids rushed into it, I couldn’t blame them knowing I would do the same if I was in their shoes, I opened my car bonnet and checked it again, I also started the engine and tested the brakes, all was fine and I backed out of the premises, nobody seemed to notice us leaving, nobody peeped, nobody waved, I saw the kids had their seatbelts on before I even asked them to and I knew they wanted me to speed out of here, I tested the brakes as I got on the tee-junction and finding that it was fine I accelerated more, I drove like I owned the road, I didn’t even notice us passing lastnght’s bonfire, I just drove on till I got to the road connecting us to the highway and I halted, I remembered we came in through the other way and I should had turned back to leave but I was damned if I was going to do that, if I could see the highway now then I could manage, I drove on and on till I joined other cars on the main highway, I was directed by a police officer who paid little attention to us on how to get to my own route, I drove on for 30minuites- finally took a turning somewhere and I was in my familiar zone in a snap, I saw that the tall buildings, the pizza joints, the shopping malls and so on made me feel much better and I was on my way home, my phone had started ringing and I ignored the calls, I stopped at a traffic red-light and took my phone to call my boyfriend, he picked up almost immediately, I said “hello” and couldn’t find other words to say but he seemed to understand all I wanted to say, he said he was already parked outside my apartment hoping that I was at home, I told him I was on my way and told him to please wait, he replied and said he had all day.

Soon enough I was on my street, I still didn’t pick any calls up neither did I check my missed calls. I looked back to check on the kids who looked sleepy but were wide-eyed and too happy to be HOME as they both smiled at me and I returned their smiles with the tired one I had, I drove into my driveway and there he was smiling and waiting for me, he was already walking towards me as I unlocked the car, the kids rushed out of the car towards my house-door waiting for me, he hugged me tightly as I got out of the car, “Oh, I needed that badly” I said within myself and hugged him back, he caressed by back to my butt and kissed my forehead and for that time all my fears had disappeared, I wanted him to squeeze my butt instead and kiss me right there but he let go on time to pull me towards his car, “Go right in babe, we need to talk, but first I brought some pizza, ice cream and red-wine breakfast, I thought you might have some juice at home, so I didn’t get that, you need to freshen up too, be with you in a jiffy” he  said to me, I obeyed like a school girl who had just been instructed by a teacher she had a crush on, I unlocked the door and told the kids to go shower, they ran to the guest room almost immediately, I went to my room and had myself a quick shower, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be alone for long, I got into a bathrobe and went to the kitchen, the kids had bathed with the speed of light and had pounced on breakfast already, I leaned on the fridge smiling and shaking my head, once again I couldn’t blame these kids, my boyfriend noticed I was standing there watching them then he came towards me with a slice of pizza, I shook my head that wasn’t hungry yet then he pulled me back to the room saying we still needed to talk, we got to the room with him shutting the door quickly behind him and we both uttered an “I’m sorry……” right about the same time, he laughed and I giggled, he stood looking at how unusually calm I was and pulled me to hug him, he held me and caressed my back to my butt like he did earlier, I knew he would kiss my forehead again so I shifted my butt in his hands and pressed it hard on his pelvic slowly rubbing it on him, I kissed him because I knew how badly I had missed him and he kissed me back too, he was even squeezing my butt hard as I found his tongue in mine, I was engulfed in a circle of loving where all my fears and worries were nowhere to be found. My robe fell off me as he fumbled with his pants, I went for his shirt as he lifted me up from the floor to my bed, he grabbed my breasts slowly and took one into his mouth, I tried not to make a sound, I knew I was weak and vulnerable at this time but all I just wanted was him inside of me but he did went inside of me tongue first and had me mourning stupidly, he kissed me down there, diving his tongue in and out at different lengths and I was too glad he did it for whatever tension I had stored down there were flowing ceaselessly away, I held his head and ached my hips as I almost came, he stopped and kissed my lips instead, when he noticed that I wouldn’t stop shaking he slid right into me, I shot my head back and gave the sexiest sound I had ever given yet, he kissed me again as he rocked me slowly squeezing my breasts, a little bit faster and then slower and I thought that my heart might explode, he kept on fucking me as vanilla rain poured down on me while I floated up into the skies……

We sat on the couch much later and he massaged my feet as I ate slices of pizza and narrated our experience at the hotel, I got a lot of “huh?, wow, what the?, really? And so on” as I told him stuffs, we both laughed even though things were not that funny but I guess I was only too happy to be home, the kids joined us in our gist and added to the parts where I must had left out, they made fun of me when I got really scared and screamed, we all laughed at this and my boyfriend finally picked up a phone call from my siblings, I still refused to talk to them, when he hung up the phone, he told me they were together feeling very sorry about everything, he also added that a police man brought the maid home and that she was pretty much in good shape, the young girl had eaten a lot and had gone to bed shortly after a bath, I stared in surprise but still refused to talk to any of my siblings, I knew it might take me about a week or more to finally talk to them but I wanted to be away from them for now, he asked if we would love to see a movie and we all echoed ”Yes” even though I’d rather stay at home with him but I needed to go out and see other humans do normal things, to feel like life was indeed back to normal.

We had a good time at the movies and got home pretty late, the kids went straight to bed leaving the door wide open and I didn’t object nor pressure them to shower first, I and my boyfriend resumed to the couch and talked about normal things, he told me to close my eyes; he kissed me and whispered to my ears “I love you” before taking my right hand to pull down to his pelvic, I felt the hardness and thought to myself as I got moist down there “Oh goody, another fuck? I love this man”, I giggled and felt cold metal sliding through my finger, I opened my eyes wondering what was going on and glittering with blue fire sapphire was a diamond ring, my diamond ring, he went on his knees and proposed.
I would be a murtherfucking looser if I didn’t say “Yes”, I screamed out “YES!!!”excitedly, I couldn’t control how happy I was and how incredibly sexy I got…. And yeah we fucked all night.

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