Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Night At The Hotel. Episode I


"Yes, the night at the hotel, a very weird sad night, the night of an everlasting scare, oh! I thought it would never end. I sat in the room thinking about my whole life, arguing that I was not going to die neither was I gonna loose any sibling, never, at least not in this gruesome way, I had to take charge, I had to get this kids home, no shit. "

It was so funny how my elder ones had acted that day, totally immature and irresponsible and I doubt I would ever forgive any of them, I mean what exactly were they thinking, leaving us to face the night of the greatest horror of our lives just like that, I would had thought it was just some stupid prank they were pulling as I had had enough to drink and was pissed already that I wouldn't had laughed at all, my sense of humor had been flung out the window or lets say I left it at the bar or drooled it away when I passed out or something.

It all started on the 3rd of July when we all decided to have a get-together party somewhere different from the previous ones we had had. You see we usually have the 'get to getter' once in a month, it could be some club outing, dinners, lunches, sleepovers or the likes just to keep in touch with each other, I come from a family where we were all brought up really close to each other, you had to look out for one another, always curious what the other sibling was doing out late and would pick up the phone and call whoever that mum would be awake soon for her night calls on the bedrooms to make sure her children were all safe and completely present in one corner of the house or the other then she would sleepily go back to bed and hope by then that whoever would sneak right back in from wherever whoever must had been doing whatever, no one really liked to cover up for anybody when it comes to mum because if you got caught the consequences was always some bad-ass ass-whooping, she would beat the shit out of you and believe me there would be no one to rescue you nor share with you out of your dilemma. Well, we usually laughed at each other's agony days after.

After mum decided to move back to the United States, guess she was tired of being a single mum for kids who were old enough to be married and taking care of themselves and the little ones who were still in either primary school or secondary school, mum still thought she could still go out there and have herself a ball, still find a man and make more money or something, she told everyone that whoever wanted to go with her could say so that she could work on the visas and whoever could then travel along with her, I guess none of us then were so excited to leave the country so she left for the United States alone saying she would miss her kids and told us to always look out for each other, “ I’d come home once or twice a year, it depends on how things turn out over there" mum had said but to say the truth we were all really happy mum would be leaving us all by ourselves for a while, now we could be allowed to be the whatever adult we liked.

Mum had been out of the country for like 4years and within that four years lots of turns had been taken in our lives, all of us the elder ones had gotten permanent jobs and some businesses across the city, the first born and girl was excelling in showbiz and entertainment, the second and girl was a boss at her office dealing with maps and security, the 3rd and boy had sparse business he couldn't really count allover the country while I the 4th and girl was doing really good in my modeling job and cosmetic store that in-fact I was hoping on finding someone who would give me added capital so that I could set up another branch somewhere, the 5th born a girl had taken into tailoring which was still growing but was fetching some cool money because she was really good at the tailoring thing, she was aspiring to be a top fashion designer, we were all making money and could afford to take care of the two little ones excessively which was a way of saying we all could spoil them with whatever they wanted I mean what could kids want apart from what all kids want, well the 12year old boy and 6year old boy got a lot off these.

Our working lives was what resulted in the agreement of the monthly outing, we simply made plans over the phone and chose a fun place to hangout and take the kids to, when we had to squeeze out time we would have to do a sleepover which was always great, we would leave work really late on a friday night and hookup at either of our houses and have a cook around to make sure food and drinks were readily available because everybody would wake up hungry the next morning and would be craving some breakfast in bed like it were our rights, we would stay up all night talking so much about a lot of things, wow we did talked so much, never running our of yarns. We would also have a short conference with mum on a speakerphone to prove we were all getting together as promised and also getting along, yes, we were not the funny perfect family you watched on tv, we fought a lot. None of us wanted to feel being bossed by mum or anyone older about anything because we were all making our money and not relying on each other for money.

Mum would always bring up topics of purchasing lands whenever the money was available and of-course she would talk about marriage to my brother and the two girls after him, the other two girls had gotten married the same year before and believe me when they weren't with their siblings or at work, they were all about their husbands doing this and that, calling them and receiving their calls and always giggling, I would always roll my eyes whenever mum starts her speeches on marriage, I usually wasn't ready to listen so I simply agreed to whatever she says even though I rarely paid attention, my younger sister on the other hand was with the guy she had been dating for over 3 years and I was in  a 4months old relationship in-fact I’d rather not call it one because I’ve been in a lot with me daydreaming and expecting so much but of-course getting way little than I had hoped, I was always after the rich ones and believe me with my type of job it wasn't difficult to meet them, always ready to take me to the best and buy me the best but at the end of the day its either the murtherfucker has a wife or a fiancé or some major drinking problem. He drank so much and got so intoxicated that he made me fcuked up promises that got me thinking marriage was in some months and was thinking it would actually happen, so many times I’ve met men who had already settled down with another woman and was looking for fun or who weren't ready to settle down…….with ME!, as really stunningly beautiful as I was I couldn't get a grip on a man of my choice, the ones that wanted to settle down were the broke, not so fine ones, they cant even afford to take me to the best nor buy me the best so i never looked their way, but they could buy  greeting cards that would build another Noah's ark though.

I was at a photo shoot when my younger sister called me that she had something to tell us, she sounded excited, I asked her not to keep me guessing but she wouldn't bulge, she said it was a surprise for her siblings, i rolled my eyes and thought "she is getting married", I know that sound otherwise why would she wanna punish our curiosity over some information she was withholding but I said nothing about marriage to her and said I would call her later and threatened that it had better be about some good money and she giggled saying "oh, its more than some good money, its a fcuking treasure", I almost screamed "of-course you're getting marriage yoh!" but I refrained, I hung up and my elder sis was calling already but i decided not to pick up, she could handle suspense non the less in-fact she was worst than I. At the end of the day we the girls all agreed on a quick lunch at my younger sis' house on saturday, it was difficult to speak with my brother anytime as he was the busiest among us, moreover if it was something we were going to screech excitedly about we didn't need to involve him we could simply tell him over the phone especially if its a girly thing.
I dragged myself from bed on saturday late morning with my leftover breakfast still on the bed and my iPhone notification light still beeping with messages from my supposed boyfriend, the guy I had been seeing for almost 4months, we've been talking all morning till I got tired of him pleading that he wanted us to hangout today, we had actually agreed that among any other day we could steal to see each other, the saturday we take off from work should be an addition, well, this saturday lunch was at my sis' and I told him if I get off on time and I’m not feeling too tired  to go out I would let him know, I wouldn't want him to come over again this month, one of my principles in any relationship since the previous ones had gone down the drain. I didn't want to dream too much about the 4month old thing so I told him I had to go get dressed, dropped the phone on the bed and headed to the shower, if he called back I would certainly miss his calls till I’m done. Before leaving the house I cleared the bed, got rid of most of the junks I wanted to throw away by kicking them into the hallway for the house-keeper to finish up, picked up my purse and remembered I had to shut down my mac so I went back to the bed and closed the safari tabs I had been browsing through and bookmarked the you-tube mystery page that I was on, the page was about real hunted; houses, apartments, hotels, buildings etc., I loved reading and i was the curious type, when I’m not working I’m either reading or watching some documentaries, don't be surprised I love knowledge a lot especially when I could afford to gain them. I had been curious about the hunted places since a colleague and close pal of mine had told me about the night out with her fiance at a supposedly hunted hotel just a little bit out of town, she said she had the best fun there, well she was getting married and anything with her fiance would be fabulous so I got interested and wondered if such places existed or if the locals just decided to conjure lies just to attract tours or something. The truth is I wanted to visit but certainly not alone, I can't have all the fun then try so had to prove it to people that the whole hunted bullshit was some real bullshit, ha! ha! I laughed out as i was heading out the porch and got a shock as I almost went head to head with my housekeeper, she was puzzled on what must have been funny on my way out, I went on giggling and gave her my keys, told her I would be back by evening time and she could leave the key at the usual place so I could get in when I got back whenever, she only took the keys from me and was still giving me that puzzled look, I’m sure she's suspecting there's a dead mouse somewhere in the house ready to grope and frighten her and I wasn't planning to warn her before hand, she dint know I was already in my own thoughts, about to start the ignition of the car and leave for my sisters'.

On getting to my sis' driveway, i finally picked my boyfriend's call, couldn't be sure he was all so concerned and missing me like he said or maybe he was only missing the sex we were having, I told him I was already at her place that infect was just driving into her driveway and would holler her for him, "we’d talk later, bye sweetie" I said to him and hung up. I got out of the car, fixed my dress, grabbed my purse and walked towards her front door, I noticed that all the girls' cars were already present, I wasn't going to give up this position of always being the last person to do anything for the family, i mean like give me a break- how do this people do it that i don't really get, watch it here i ain't the black sheep of the family if that’s what you're thinking in-fact there is no such thing in my family…but if anything was close to that I was the one. The maid had the front door opened before I knocked and they all screamed latecomer and smiled, I walked into the house and covered my face in shame laughing, my eldest sis gave me a side look and said "Mae, your delay had been our punishment since we got to Lola's house, the monkey had refused to tell us nothing", I turned to hug them one after the other, "awwwwh! I'm so sorry 'Dee', I’m sorry 'Paula', I’m sorry 'Lola', don't make me explain dearies cause I can't but I could tell you guys something if you’d like to hear" I said with a sincere look. They all turned waiting for what i was about to say, I smiled and said "dudes I’m starving", laughed out loud cause I knew they hated being called dudes, they all frowned at the same time but also started laughing and shook their heads, "you're just some silly case, so that was it?' Lola, still laughing pointed to the dining you all should move your asses to the dining, lunch's just been served” I was the first to grab a spoon.

During lunch we talked about things, the obvious, the usual, the gossips and when we were done eating we all turned towards Lola to tell us the treasury news she dragged us over to hear, she cleared her throat and giggled "Okay, uhm! I’m getting married, babes", we all screamed in excitement and surprise or maybe I wasn't so surprised about it, I mean you had to date a guy for 3years and not marry him, come on are you Rihanna or what? We had a good happy time that afternoon and when we got to the part of telling mum we agreed not to tell her yet because she's gonna get more excited than the bride herself and start calling up all the wedding shots, even things we were not planning to pay for, so we decided to tell her when we're having our monthly outing the next week, I reluctantly got up to leave while they were still contemplating on the venue for the next outing, I stretched and picked up my purse and was heading to the door when it came to me, I turned and told them about the hunted hotel 'Renee' told me about except that it wasn't a romantic get away for Lola and her beau but somewhere we could have a new kind of fun and they all agreed excitedly, we agreed on it and I promised to get back to them about the name of the hotel while the elder ones would deal with the vital part of how we were going to get there and the likes, I left them with the excuse that I had a date with my boyfriend for the night and except they wished me to be a spinster forever they would just not let me leave so they all ushered me out as quickly as possible and all hugged by my car door. i yawned on my way home and called my boyfriend before i got home but he missed my call, I guess the medical doctor was busy and would call me as soon as possible, I got to my front door and collected my key from the flower bush close to the door and got into the house, the house was of-course smelling really nicer and fresher than I left it this morning, I stretched and yawned again, sat on the couch and dozed a little then dragged myself to check the doors while pulling off my clothes all over the possible places and got right back to the couch, picked up my iPhone and checked for messages, I chose my boyfriend's and read it, he was apologizing for missing my call and was gonna call me back in an hour to arrange the date time, I decided to reply his text before giving in to the sleep that was clawing at me and I guess I must had typed "honey, just got back home and I feel so sleepy, want to get an hour sleep cause I had a great lunch at my sis', would call you when I wake up, I’m sorry…." and sent it to him without finishing the dotted lines I crashed liked I had been drugged, in my sleep I kept on telling myself "its almost an hour, you're going to need to get up soon and go get dressed, he's going to call you soon LAZY"

It read 9 o'clock on my wristwatch when I opened my eyes, I yawned and knew I had a heck of a nap and must be late for my date but it was really bright in the living run and I don't remember putting on the lights when I got in then I figured it was morning already, I placed my forehead on my left palm and picked up my phone to see how bad things were; 10missed calls from my siblings, 11 missed calls from my agent and 23 missed calls from my boyfriend, well wow maybe he really cares then, other missed calls from some random people. I reminded myself that it was sunday and I wasn't planning on any job so I returned my sibling's calls one by one, my sisters were hysteric that I blanked out after I promised to notify them when I got home. I lied that after driving for an hour and rushing home to get dressed and got back from wherever I was oozing with fatigue and I slept as soon as I got back home, called my agent and got a briefing on a job she just got for me and reminded me to schedule a meeting with the employer company on tuesday- I thanked her and said I would get back to her, I searched and dialed his phone number knowing that I would have to apologize my eyes out this time around, I called him 3times but he missed my calls then I replied his worried text of my blanking that I was so sorry I was just waking up since last night after reading another angry text about why I wasn't picking up his calls. He didn't seem to be so excited to reply nor pick up my calls this morning, I stretched again and dropped the phone, I got up and picked up my leftovers all over the neat house and opted to soak in the bath with some music and maybe doze off then I thought to myself maybe I’m actually pregnant, I mean all this two months of scarce condom usage is going to pay off one of these days and maybe soon. I got out of the bath almost as soon as I got into the bathtub and ran to the kitchen, opened the fridge, brought out the pizza I ordered in uneaten two days ago and got it heated up, took out two coke bottles and went back to the bedroom, for your info I’m slim but not skinny, I’m into billboard, adverts modeling and so on but rarely runways cause that’s where you'd find those skinny bitches, I’m slim but I look chubby when I stand close to those skinny girls, don't worry I’m not deceiving myself I make good modeling money…..when I can. I got back into the bathtub and got my eating on, it took me like 3hrs to finish up from the bathroom, I turned on my mac and activated my internet modem, still drying my hair I remembered I left my iPhone in the living room and went to get it, as expected he had called my phone 5 times, I rolled my eyes thought of what I was going to tell him when he calls again or when I returned his calls, no text from him this time.

Monday morning finally comes around, I thought while putting my baby boy car in reverse and hoping I hadn't forgotten anything in the house, double checked my photo portfolio and it was sitting on the passenger's seat behind me, I better not forget my work pieces otherwise how am i supposed to get a modeling endorsement without talking too much, I turned to get out of my driveway and get to where my agent was expecting me to be, I thought about sunday and the argument I had like all through that day, didn't know he cared that much, my boyfriend got so  pissed that I missed our date and missed most of his calls -well he shouldn't had called so much at such a short time interval, didn't even give me the space to call back and when I got the chance he's busy attending to people who need his professional help than I do and then makes me feel like I’ve got too much time on my hands, I even asked him to come around or if I could come over-  not that i really wanted to but he made up my mind for me that sunday was tight, monday's a busy for all even to those who sleep for all the days of their jobless lives, he seemed still upset though and hadn't called me ever since, I hadn't called back since I left him 3missed calls already which he hadn't returned, I mean its just 4months yoh! Well off with that, need some music to ease me cause I’m getting more nervous as I was getting closer to the office building that I was being expected, they better like what they see and give me the damn job though. I walked through the reception after being informed by the receptionist that I was being expected I headed to the stairs and into the office, seated were two gentlemen and a lady with a lot of makeup on in which she looked like the boss though, I shook their hands and gave them my money making smile with the tiniest make up on my face. Soon after the meeting, I was told that the job was mine and that my agent would be contacted soon to discuss the payment, I smiled and nodded, said thank you and headed home happily, more money to the bank I thought. I called my agent to notify her of the meeting that went well, at-least according to my knowledge, she sounded happy and very busy at the moment so I hung up and expected her to return my call.

 Not to feel like I’m all so obsessed with myself alone, I remembered i needed to make some calls, to check out the hotel bookings and return my boyfriend's calls, so on getting home I quickly checked out more details about the hotel and saw that I hadn't missed much and extracted the phone numbers needed, I called and had a large suite reserved and some good champagnes too. I had to call all my siblings to let them know of the arrangements I had made and that the directions to get to the hotel would be mailed to me in minutes so that I could forward to each person. You know something, I keep forgetting to return his calls, in-fact I should call him just now and maybe I could invite him along to the 'Hotel Hunted House, the triple H', would call him when I get cozy and comfy with my mood, feeling like a swim wouldn't be a bad idea for this hot know what, I got back home for 9pm, I actually met a sexy guy at the pool side and let me let you on a little hot secret………(clears throat)…….I had a fling, a really hot one, didn't know how bad I had been missing that till it all started, he  had been giving me that sexy look since I got to the gym to take a swim and it got intense when I switched into my bikini, he was so damn fine and I didn't need to flirt to get him coming on to me, we gave each other that look like it was some unconscious shit, I saw his chest, abs, lips and I was just wondering what was underneath down there, he offered to take me out for a drink or something when I was done, I opted for a booth within the bar at the gym just because i wanted to be alone with him, I wanted him to keep feeding his eyes on me alone, I didn't even take a single sip of my drink, I simple stared at home and dared him to kiss me, I didn't even smile at this crazy request that I had just made and he looked at me in surprise as I bent my head and ached my eyebrow wondering if I wasn't that hot which was when i laughed at my crazy self, I turned away to act a little bit embarrassed and turning back to see whatever direction he must've ran out, well….I was right in his face and we were kissing, that kind of kiss that makes you get so hot down there and wanting to grab your partner, we stopped and he said "pick a place and don't worry about the bills", I smiled and stood up heading to the bar exit, we took my car and I didn't need to drive too far, we both hurriedly headed to a motel around the corner and on getting to the room I had booked we were already kissing again, we were just laughing at all the shit we were doing wondering like "what the hell are we doing?", the sex was really good and extra exciting, he gave me some crazy goosebumps all over my body with what he did with his mouth, oh my gosh it was really good, we both got to the usual destinations of sex in 20mins and took a shower together, he felt awkward to ask for my number after the whole freak-show but still tried his luck and the crazy thing was that I refused to give him my number, he wasn't surprised nor particularly happy with my response but understood with the sincere look I gave him, he gave me one last kiss and said he'd pick a cab on his way out and so we parted ways, I thought that he was really cool anyways, such a fine and really sexy brother with the magic tools, I wasn't ready for so much sex-joy, I still have a boyfriend you know? Yes I needed to call him up, shit I forgot to call him, okay would call him as soon as I get home.

Tuesday morning, I had the flu, woke up with some nasty headache and the all so mighty runny nose, I decided to hit the pharmacy joint, the club for mostly sick people, been a while though and we would all need to catch up on things and probably share what we've caught already I thought to myself. I was given series of drugs and multivitamins than I thought I really needed, I asked the pharmacy guy why I must've caught it even though I hadn't been in contact with someone who had had it and he asked if I had shared anything public, I stared at him briefly and decided not to answer that question, paid for the drugs and supplements, hurried back home to get some hot lemon-honey tea heated, called the food place to deliver home something extremely delicious and spicy. As soon as I got home and settled the delivery boy, I shut the door and turned off my phone because I wanted all the sleep I could get, I took a large pot of tea and a mug to the bedroom, got me a tray- cutleries- and serving plates, poured out all the drugs and supplements on the be continued SOON.

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