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Dear Man Please. Episode III

Episode 3

To cut to the chase of this event of my life, I should had called up Yemisi to tell her about the phone call from Dele but I decided not to, I didn’t want to sound too excited about the whole thing, God knows- he might not even call me anymore, I didn’t want to overexcite myself as well.
I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t hear from the so called Dele all through till Friday finally came, he had said he would call back and he didn’t, I was certainly not looking forward to meeting him anymore, I was grateful the excitement of his call lasted for just a day.

Yemisi woke me up in the morning of Friday with her call, she sounded excited and told me that her newest catch was coming to Ibadan that morning already, she said he was coming along with his friend that wanted to hook up with me, I asked her without much interest if she remembered she told me she was giving the number to Dele and she sounded surprised, she asked who Dele was and I said he called me just once, she said the real person had probably not called me yet and maybe I was mixing things up, I agreed with her but also told her that I wouldn’t be going anywhere with them, she seemed shocked and hung up almost immediately. I laughed after she hung up and decided to resume my sleep. Few minutes later Yemisi was at my door, she was practically screaming my name from the corridor; I rolled my eyes and went quickly to get the door before she woke up my roommate up. Without wasting too much time she came straight into the room whispering “Ahn ahn! Why now, why did you change your mind” she asked me, “I never agreed on going anywhere with you in the first place” I told her and added that I was busy with classes and other things, “I know you’re lying, you have just a lecture today and I know when you’d be done, I just spoke with Bolaji and he said that they’re both coming, he told me to beg you, pleeeeeeease babe!” Yemisi began pleading, I remembered she didn’t tell me the name of her new man or maybe I wasn’t listening when she did so I asked who Bolaji was even though I knew she was referring to him, she told me that was the name of her so called new catch, I acted surprised and still shook my head that I wasn’t going anywhere, I didn’t want to sound somewhat needy or something by telling her he never called me even though she said she gave him my number so I finally told her that I would let her in on things later incase I changed my mind. She succumbed to this and finally left my room. I sighed and knew I had just been robbed off my remaining sleep that morning. I decided to prepare for school.

I was seated at the IT center preparing my assignment at 4pm when Dele called; I decided to ignore his calls this time around till he called for the fourth time, well he only called twice and shortly Yemisi was calling me already, she said she was already waiting for me at my hostel room and I shook my head in amusement. I told her that I would meet her up at her room after I’m done submitting my assignment, she disagreed and told me my roommate had let her in and she was already laying on my neat bed waiting for me, out of speechlessness I agreed to see her soon, I got to my room 45minutes later and knew how serious she was about me meeting the mysterious man, I asked her what was so special about him anyway, she didn’t seem to have the slightest idea who her Bolaji’s friend was as she wasn’t sure she had met him before but all she knew was that he’d be certainly be rich, I shook my head one more time and she began pleading “What would I do if Bolaji”s friend starts disturbing him when he’s supposed to be paying attention to me, don’t you want me to collect money or what? She said sounding worried, I turned to catch my roommate watching the both of us, resigned and I agreed to go with her, she then said the men were on their way already and we had an hour to get ready, I looked at her in surprise wondering what to say to her and changed my mind, she added that I might need to take something sexy to wear along should incase we were going some place fun, I turned to my wardrobe to look for something to wear and matching shoes.
The clock in the room read 6pm by he time I was applying my makeup, I looked at myself in my simple knee-length black dress in the mirror with my matching 5inches heels, it was just the way I wanted to look, ‘cute and simple’ I thought to myself, Yemisi who had dressed up in time before I did was on her blackberry typing away time, she picked up a phone call and pointed at her wristwatch to me “ They’re here already“, I told her that I was almost through and sprayed on my ‘Britany Spears –Curious’ perfume, I love smelling good. I grabbed the smaller dress I had picked out and neatly folded it into my handbag.

Soon enough we were both dressed up and ready to leave, I took one last look at myself in the mirror, I wondered why Yemisi wasn’t as conscious of her looks this evening as I was with mine, well I bet she knew she looked good enough or maybe she just wanted to get me out of the room as quick as possible so out we both went. She whispered to me more to herself as we were heading out my hostel gates “ That’s his ride over there, the dark green range-rover to your left“, I turned to my left halfway as we both walked towards it, “I hope its worth it babe because if it’s not then you’re dead” I told her and we both giggled as we got to the SUV, she pulled open the door and uttered a surprised “ Oh!“ as we got into the backseat, there was an elderly man seated at the steering-wheel whom I guessed to be the driver, a baldheaded man sat at the partner’s seat while another with full hair sat to the left of the passengers’.  They both looked like they were either in their late thirties or early forties, I uttered “Hello, good evening, good evening” at the two of them, I hoped feverishly within me that I wasn’t about to get hooked up with the baldy. No offense I prefer men with hair. They both returned my greeting while Yemisi introduced the man seated at the front to be her darling Bolaji and we shook hands- with me sighing in relief.  She turned to the other man seating to her left and introduced him with a quizzing look to be Dele, he also shook hands but delayed before letting go, he asked if Yemisi could allow me move up to his side so he could talk to me properly but she ignored him with a loud laugh, I got a good look at the man to Yemiisi’s left as she was blocking his view to me most times and figured he was the one I saw on Facebook and even better looking but I still said nothing to Yemisi. Bolaji asked where we would like to go and Yemisi made a choice of an expensive Chinese restaurant at Bodija without delay, I seconded the choice and we were taken there. All through the ride to the restaurant I was tempted to ask Yemisi where my so called date was or if it was this same Dele she had said it wasn’t previously, I nudged her and whispered closely to her right ear “Where’s the guy I’m meeting?” and she told me to give her some time to figure things out. We got to the restaurant and both men escorted us into the restaurant, Bolaji was chubby and slightly tall with chocolate skin while Dele was quite tall and lanky with a dark skin (unlike poles attract yeah?), I forgot about my worries as soon as I saw the menu. At our table I and Yemisi had sat down facing the two men directly, Dele had began chatting me up and I wasn’t sure about being warm to him, by now Yemisi was paying all her attention to Bolaji, “Yemisi, mind if we changed seats so that I can talk to your friend?” he asked Yemisi and she replied almost immediately “No way Dele, I know you so well”, Bolaji was showing concern on how Yemisi was handling Dele and he decided to pull her over to his side “Common baby, please don’t embarrass Dele in the presence of your friend, why don’t you come sit with me, I think Dele likes your friend though, come over so we can catch up quietly” he said to her. She smiled and reluctantly got up to exchange seats. Soon enough they were both engrossed in some quiet discussion while Dele sat by my side beaming and psyching the shit out of me, he soon got me laughing soon enough. After the fantastic food we all got into a foursome conversation like we were all old friends, desert was served soon afterwards and we had out fill, at 8 O’clock we left with them to their hotel rooms, they had booked separate rooms and Dele who had been working up his familiarity to me pulled me into his room, he turned on the television with a football match was playing and asked if I wanted anything, when he saw me shake my head he invited me to sit with him on the bed and tell him about myself, I sat down on the bed staring like a novice, Yemisi came knocking just in time to save me, she looked at I and Dele and asked if I was doing fine, I said “Yes” and pulled her in, we both started talking about the room designs and ignored Dele, Dele got up shortly and left for Bolaji’s room, we watched him leave and giggled.

“Is he the one I’m supposed to meet?  I asked Yemisi, she shrugged and said she didn’t know but I should just play along with the whole thing, I thought about all the money and shopping then I relaxed. Minutes later Bolaji and Dele came back into the room and announced that we were going clubbing with them if we didn’t mind, I on one hand was thinking about the great supper and desert I had had and I yawned, the two men both looked at me, “Don’t mind her, we’re going clubbing” Yemisi said immediately and pinched my shoulder, Bolaji then teased her about leaving him alone in the room and pulled her to himself, he lifted her and carried her laughing self back to his room, I decided to take a short nap before the club time came while Dele stood over me watching me pull my shoes and crawled to the center of the bed. I watched him with the corner of my eyes and was wondering if he really liked what he saw as he had been acting since we met. He must had stared for God knows when then he decided to leave the room, I didn’t know where he must had gone to, I got comfortable with myself and closed my eyes to sleep. Dele came in moments later with a bottle of Andre’s champagne and two glasses, I opened my eyes and wondered within me why he just couldn’t put his long self in one corner of the room and stop being restless. He offered me some champagne in glass and I refused, he had brought in a brand of champagne that I didn’t like, I considered it to be cheap and not my kind of taste, he asked me to sit up and talk to him then asked what my kind of drink was, “Hennessey VSOP or American honey with a blackberry mixer and some ice, I don’t like champagne especially this particular brand you’re holding” I told him. He pretended to be carried away by the soccer on the television and nodded absentmindedly, I looked at him in irritation and turned my back to him preparing for my nap. Few seconds later he left the room and came back in few minutes, he toggled my small feet and I smiled at him masking my irritation, “You really don’t want me to sleep, right?’ I asked him, he smiled this time around and I saw his dimples and nice set of teeth again, “No dear, no sleep for you right now, I went back to the bar for your drink but they don’t seem to have any of the ones you mentioned, we can make do with this champagne for now and have more of what you want at the club, I want to have a conversation with you … you’d get to sleep much later” he said sitting by my side on the bed, I sat up watching his fine face and waited for him to start talking. He went on about how really pretty I was, said I had the kind of looks he wanted, he asked for my kind of man too and I told him I liked good-looking tall men but I didn’t mention to him that he was too skinny for me though so he smiled thinking that I must had had some interest in him, I mean I liked his face but was imagining what his boney butt would look like and I spilled a laugh “What’s funny babe? I needed to be sure that I wasn’t putting you off already you know?” Dele said, I smiled and said that I was fine then he decide to move closer to me like probably entering my flesh but I made no motion to readjust my space while he placed his arms around me pretending to be watching the soccer again, I raised my eyebrow and teased him to go finish up his game and talk to me when he was ready. Dele shook his head and resumed our discussion, talking wit him was easy, I thought we were rubbing minds till he tried to kiss me, I shyly turned away and said I was sleepy, he agreed that I should sleep as he was sleepy too, we fell asleep with me resting my head on his skinny chest, he caressed my shoulder till he fell asleep.

By the time I woke up, he had wrapped his long body over me like I was some kind of teddy bear or pillow, I laid there staring and trying not to wake him up, he woke up soon after and kissed me on my forehead, I checked my time and it was 10pm already “Don’t be in a rush, the club would always wait for us” he said to me, I told him I wasn’t that I wanted to know how long we’ve been sleeping this way, he moved up to put his hand on my right shoulder and caressed it, I said nothing and soon he was kissing my ears moving down to my neck and toying with my right palm which felt ticklish, I was impressed by the way this man was driving his mouth, I felt that he was sensitive although forward but I was determined to have the moment as it lasted, I was already carried away by his work on my neck and knew that I would certainly kiss him if he kept it up. Soon enough I took him by the jaw and kissed him, he had a surprisingly soft lips, too damn soft that I thought I was kissing an overcooked ‘kpomor’ (overcooked skin-meat) which was totally uncomfortable, I was scared that if I kept up kissing him his full lips might just fall off so I slowly stopped. His hands had already started raising my dress up and I pushed them back down and said “No, no way” he pulled my hands towards his pants to feel his whatever and I refused, a knock came on the door and Yemisi had one more time saved my weak self again. Dele got up to adjust his clothes and get the door, Yemisi poked her neck in and asked me to freshen up then changed her mind and told me she’d join me to do that in Dele’s room, she left and came back with her hand bag to change her dress and freshen up her makeup as they had all been wiped off already. She ushered Dele out of the room in time as he picked up his glass of champagne to Bolaji”s room.
She asked if I was doing okay one more time and I said that I was and that we had both fallen asleep for more than an hour, I didn’t tell her about three minutes ago.

We got to the club believed to be the most fun and nicest club in Ibadan that night looking very hot, I was wearing my short black lacey dress that I had grabbed at the last minute, I knew I looked good as Dele couldn’t keep his eyes off me nor letting me leave his side for too long, Bolaji had also mentioned that I looked hot too as he looked at me from head to toes. We had good fun that night, I watched Yemisi grind on Bolaji as he seemed all so engrossed with her and her sexy dance, on the other hand I was trying to match up to her sexy moves, I thought she looked so pretty and excited “no wonder the Bolaji liked her so much” I thought to myself, he had been calling her ‘Darling and Honey’ almost every time he needed to get her attention, Dele only stared at me all through and tried to grab me to sit on his legs, I refused and kept dancing instead, I was happy that I got him so interested in me, his stare was so intense and I was liking it, I thought about all the money and shopping and I danced some more making sure to shake my butt well. We had our drinks and the men got really drunk. Yemisi and I left for the ladies to freshen up as usual. She was worried about Bolaji’s drinking like Dele’s was my own problem, she was scared of how he might handle her back at the hotel with the way he was drinking, we both laughed at this. On getting out of the restroom we met up with a man who introduced himself as Dayo to the both of us, I saw that Yemisi was uncomfortable with this and she turned away while I kept on talking to him, he said I was good-looking and would love to see me one more again, I smiled and looked at the direction of where Dele had been sitting, I noticed Dele was already on his way to where we were standing so I told Dayo that I couldn’t give him my number because I came with someone and made to leave, he shook my hand and moved out of my way while Dele was already close by, I saw the look of anger he had as he stood staring at Dayo and this amused me, “I just met this Dele some hours ago and he’s acting like we were dating already” I thought to myself, he walked us back to the table still looking angry.

We left the club at 3am in the morning and I was glad there was a driver apart from these two, Bolaji back at his previous position in the car was blabbing out so many things out of drunkenness, his babe was seated right behind him laughing at his dry jokes, I sat at the middle close to Dele who was quiet but quite drunk to his balls as well. I decided not to talk to him if he wouldn’t talk to me. He turned and caught me staring at me, I turned away almost immediately then he tapped my arm “I would never take you out and talk to any other lady when you’re with me, that was so mean of you, why would you give that guy your phone number, I saw him holding up his phone to you” he said, I turned almost laughing to poke Yemisi to listen to what he was saying and I turned back to answer him,  “He was only saying hi, I didn’t give him my phone number, I don’t even know him at all” I said but Dele still seemed annoyed, it was difficult for me to comprehend why someone I met some hours ago would be so possessive over me, I mean he did not even ask me out- I repeat, he did not even ask me out so what the hell was his problem now? I resigned from talking to him and ignored him. I got bored with the whole drunk drama going on with Bolaji, Yemisi was already tired and feeling sleepy, the driver was driving so slow and the music was so damn loud, I looked up and caught Dele staring at me as he turned away, I smiled at myself and placed my left hand over his head caressing his hair, this seem to relax him and he pretended to fall asleep. I shook my head and nudged Yemisi to see what I was doing to Dele and she giggled. Finally we arrived back at the hotel and I was surprised at how Dele was very much awake I knew it was going to be trouble with him tonight. Yemisi and I left for the rooms as soon as we got out of the SUV, we left the both of them to find their way back upstairs by themselves, as soon as I got into the room I pulled my shoes and dived under the duvet quickly, pretending to have fallen asleep I used my arm to cover my face. It didn’t take long for Dele to come through and pulled his shirt and pants leaving only his boxers on, he got under the duvet with me and I rolled my eyes as he moved closer “here comes the skinny butt” I thought, he pulled my arm from my face and talked about how upset I had got him this evening, I finally told him sorry though not the least feeling sorry. He pulled me close and told me to hold him, I reluctantly held him, he moved to KISS me but I moved back taking my hands off and moving away, “I’m not sexing you if that’s what you want ok?” I said it straight to him, “But I like you, I like you so much that I couldn’t stand any other man talking to you … You know what? Just touch me how you did earlier its so romantic, you’re such a romantic girl” he be continued.

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