Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Night At The Hotel. Episode III

               Episode III

I rested my hands on my hips while taking a walk back to the T-junction I had driven in through, I checked both sides of the roads by stretching my neck so that I don’t stand out on themain-road, I wouldn’t wanna get hit by a car you know- even though very few cars passed by, nothing out of the ordinary, the road was a little bit dusty and the next neighbor to the hotel was an abandoned gated building with a ‘FOR SALE’ board hanging to the rusty gates, the building wasn’t so visible but you only needed to stretch a little to see it, weeds were all over the place and it looked like it might had been glorious in its time when it was properly owned, there was no more houses to see after that but fenced and probably empty lands, the one-sided sidewalk was wide and filled with mud-dusts, I was already getting bored with the view so I left for the hotel, I walked back casually to the hotel still looking and not particularly sure of what I was looking for, maybe a flashing light, a floating ghost or something weird peeping out from a window or a crazy woman trying to gnaw at me and screaming “Beware! Beware!!” but nothing of such happened, I noticed as I walked past my car that two of my siblings car had been packed ahead of mine, I wasn’t sure they were there earlier, the car I saw earlier was totally different and I knew their cars wherever I saw them, I guessed they had moved the cars there while I was busy surveying earlier, I shrugged and went for the entrance to the building, the door to the lobby of the hotel was opened for me by the security manning the door, he greeted me and I said “hello”.  I looked around and saw that enough normal activities were going on in the small hotel with no zombies roaming about the floor, I shook my head and wondered what was so hunted about it, turning to my right I saw the mini bar and walked towards it hoping the bars weren’t more than one, I took out my phone to call my eldest sister but the service icon now read ‘insufficient’ I still went ahead and called her number and as expected the call failed, I hadn’t notice the mobile network disappearing earlier because I had called her in my car and she had received my call, I walked closer to the bar trying to find my sister, only two people sat at the bar drinking and talking to each other, I took a seat and ordered a coke to refresh myself, I was planning to go back and ask the receptionist for the room direction when I felt sharp fingers poke me on my sides and I heard myself scream really loud.

“What the fuck, hey what’s the big idea?” I said to Dee and she stared at me in surprise, everyone had also given me that look and I suppressed my embarrassment, she looked apologetically at everyone and apologized while I buried my head giggling, “Chicken!!!” Dee poked me again and I almost jumped, I turned to look at her laughing face in annoyance, I asked why she wasn’t where she wanted me to meet her on time and she said she had just stepped away to use the restroom since I was delaying as I always did, I asked her about the phone network and she said hers was fine, I picked up my phone to check the network icon and it seemed to be fine, I wasn’t now sure I was seeing clearly then she assured me that the network had been fluctuating since they got here, I paid for my untouched drink and we both headed for the room, which was on the ground floor not far from the lobby, silly me I hadn’t ask for a room with the view I told my sis and she pulled me on. We took a turning to our left and walked to the fort and last door to the right and knocked, the kids were clamoring to open the door and I heard Lola cautioning them to allow Paula open the door, Paula opened the door to the suite to let us in, we all hugged and I got scolded for coming late, I had delayed the champagne popping and the food, the kids were excited to see as they both jumped on, the younger of the two wanted me to carry him and I did while the older one was trying to lift us both from the ground but the maid was already pulling him away from me, I carried the younger one and kissed him first then I hugged and kissed the older one, Lola was already on the hotel phone calling for the food they had ordered, I released the kids soon after and they went back to the toy corner in the room pulling the reluctant maid along, I stood up to check out the room and I was impressed, it was simple to the eyes and furnished with grey marbles with matching furniture, nothing so extraordinary but you could see the simple but accurate taste of the interior designer, the large bed was located by  a nearby window that looked to the sides of the building, the window was covered with a heavy velvet curtain that opened a little, the window was facing a fountain that was running with water, the fountain was a sculpted large human head that opened like a crack at the top oozing with water, I didn’t bother to pay attention to the eerie artistic work as I only looked at it briefly. There was lavender aroma in the air though I’m not a big fan of the fragrance but it was all right to me. The toy corner were filled with the Legos, horses, small hand computer games and others which kept those two boys really busy, I went ahead to check the bathroom and it wasn’t as gigantic as I expected it to be but it was pretty much welcoming. I went back to the room and joined my sisters in their discussion, while we were contemplating on calling mum to tell her the biggest news the door was knocked and I got up to get it, I looked in the peep hole and saw that the food-trolley had been placed outside the door, I was puzzled on what kind of hotel service it was to knock and leave the food outside unattended, I opened the door and pulled in the food-trolley in astonishment, I asked my siblings why that was so and they handed me the hotel’s customers’ pamphlet for me to see for myself, I opened it lazily and just in time I understood what just happened, we weren’t supposed to see the room-service people, ‘Scary indeed’ I thought rolling my eyes, “Do they actually wheel the food all the way over to knock on a door and then run into hiding so that they don’t get seen, hilarious” I said more to myself, we all moved to the dining in the suite and got the plates and cutleries ready. We spoke while eating, the food was delicious much to my surprise, it was basmati-rice with fried large prawns, sardine-salad and fish sauce with chunks of oily fish in it then on a large platter was a big fish that had been flavored and grilled, “This is way better than pizza” I said again.

We all enjoyed the food and finally replaced the empty platters with the deserts, the desert was too sweet for me and I opted out, Lola opened the chilled champagne and poured for everyone, we even gave the kids a little to drink before letting them finish their own soft drinks, I took a little champagne because I thought it tasted funny but I didn’t complain, I wasn’t a fan of champagne and if I had complained my siblings would had called me bush, we decided to call mum and placed it on a speaker phone, the kids had gone back to their toys and games and were soon playing hide and seek with the 17year old maid (They seemed to be having fun.), I could hear the excitement in mum’s voice and like we all knew she was already planning the wedding over the phone, she knew she would have to come home to get things done, spend her own money and not bankrupt us, she asked where our brother wasn’t present with us and if we had told him the big news, I thought they were going to spend hours on the phone with her as I was had been planning to return to the bar to buy my own kind of drink, my phone had began ringing and to my surprise it was my boyfriend, I rolled my eyes and decided to pick up when I was alone, I asked aloud if we would be staying the night but everyone seemed unsure, I excused myself and promised to be back in 20minutes. I left the room with my pause and phone in hand, I was about to make the right turning back to the mini bar at the lobby when he called again, this time I picked up the phone and said “Hello” but got no response, shortly I heard muffled sounds and I cursed the network, I decided to hang up and hopped he would call me back then I changed my mind and went outside to my car, the network-signal disappeared again as I stepped outside the building, I unlocked my car and got in waiting to see if the service would return again and it did, his call also came in and I picked up without wasting too much time, I sad “Hello” and he replied loud and clear, he bombarded me with questions of my whereabouts and how come I didn’t call him and we argued on and on for over 5minutes, then he hung up on me, I presumed that that was probably some network issue but the network seemed okay on my phone, I decided to call him back and he didn’t pick up, few seconds later he sent me a brake-up text that he had had enough of my none-challant disrespectful attitude towards the relationship and wanted out, I was shocked and I really couldn’t understand why my hands shook as I held the phone, I decided to call him back as I was planning to do before the text and he picked, “I’m done with you Mae, I don’t have time for all this, go look for the dumb guy to feed your needs, I’m busy right now attending to more important things” he said and hung up again, I sat in my car staring at the windshield, I think I must had been boiling with some kind of anger, my hands still shook and hot tears ran down my face, I couldn’t understand why I was getting dumped right now why my sisters were upstairs giggling over new wedding plans, I had began to sweat because I hadn’t turn on the air-conditioner when I got in, the tears didn’t stop running over my sweat even as I wiped my face with my hankie, I got out of the car and walked back into the hotel, I still couldn’t figure out why the tears still streamed out like a bad pipe, I went straight to the bar and ordered myself a bottle of Hennessey and a berry mixer because I was intending to mix my drink myself, the bartender looked at me briefly with concern and asked if I was fine, I only stared at him saying nothing else, I was afraid that I might loose my temper with his stupid question. I paid for my drink immediately and proceeded to drinking away my anger or if I may say my sorrow, it took me almost five minutes to calm my nerves and I guess the alcohol’s impact might take time, I was hoping we would have to spend the night here and leave by morning, I didn’t want to drive knowing that I’m planning to get drunk soon neither was I in the mood to go back to my house all alone even though I wanted to be all by myself, I didn’t want to return to the suite with tear scars on my face and spoil the whole evening, I turned to check my watch and it read 4:30pm, I asked the bartender to watch my drink while I retired to the restroom to freshen up my face.
I got back to my seat at the bar and continued with my drink, I thought about the relationship I had just lost, I was still angry, angry at the fact that he didn’t even see me to talk things out, I mean I was hoping things would be stronger between the both of us by the time we were eight months old as we weren’t supposed to rush things but he never warned me he had too much emotions running in him like a woman, and to think of him saying he was busy and had more important things to do was even more infuriating ‘How dare he say that to me” I thought to myself, I poured myself another fresh mix and watched as people walked by, I bet my face mirrored the different thoughts that occurred in my head because I could sense people stare at me when I wasn’t looking, I decided to lighten up and put on a smile and I downed some more drink, shortly I was offering to share my Hennessey with two male strangers, both men were in their mid-twenties and quite good-looking, we had shots of the cognac while I listened to them tell jokes in turns, I thought some life was at the bar for a while as we were all laughing at the jokes, I had just noticed that there were six of us sitting and drinking at the bar, I resumed to finishing my berry and hennessey drink after four shots and poured another one again but I guessed I must had passed out before I could drink another round…….. to be continued.

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