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The Night At The Hotel. Episode V

Episode V

I had my eyes opened wide like they might pop out of their sockets in seconds, and beads of sweat had developed behind my back, “Whaaaat theeee fuuuuck was that?” I thought to myself like three times, the kids on the bed were much afraid, I bet these kids thought that they might get a heart-attack tonight; this was definitely not one of the junk they see on TV, I felt them holding my arms almost at the same time to pull themselves up to me but I quietly held them back saying “Shoooooooo” while trying to pay attention to the sounds coming from outside, I began hearing distant approaching footsteps like sounds from a woman’s shoe heels along with matching tiny tinkling sounds, it sounded like whoever was walking out there had some ankle bells on, I thought it was typical and predictable of the hotel to try this rubbish tactic to scare people, I relaxed and ignored the approaching footsteps, I laid between the two kids who were as scared as real shit, “Don’t bother about that sweeties, they’re just playing stupid games, trying to get us scared” I shrugged and said to them, forcing a little giggle but didn’t get the response I was hoping for, “Are you sure auntie?” the older one asked uncertainly, “Ofcourse………” I said to them and pulled them closer, the footsteps sounds stopped almost as I was assuring them that we were fine even though I knew they didn’t believe me, the loud ear-piercing cry came again and we all held our breaths at the same time, it sounded like the mixture of a screaming chicken, a buzzard and some pathetic possessed woman or child, we couldn’t move for some seconds and I slowly got up back to my kneeling position, the kids followed en-suite and I tried to quieten them down as they knelt in front of me on the bed burying their faces on my chest, if this hotel people wanted to rob us then I wouldn’t know why all these drama; I thought to myself foolishly or maybe I was wishing we got robbed instead of this fucking torture, I stretched my neck trying to peep out the window to see the assehole making the sounds, the footsteps began again and I heard some creepy husky voice saying inaudible things, I saw pale yellow lights approaching our side of the hotel at the same time, I shifted a blind and had my face pinned to the window trying impossibly to see the corners of the building the light and sounds were coming from, I was paying little attention to the kids by now even though they were giving me a chocking hug, I was hearing the footsteps but didn’t know howcome whoever it was was taking so long to get into my focus, I sighed and the footstep stopped again, the approaching lights had stopped moving but I could hear loud husky breathing now, I ached my eyebrows and decided to leave the window and stop straining my neck, I was about to relax my back when the scream came again but real close this time, I moved my head backwards and hid it behind the window-blind I had moved earlier, I could see the pale yellow lights now, reflecting into the room from outside the window, I didn’t remember where the cold breeze came in from because the window had a glass cover over it but there was some kind of wind movement in the room and the part of the wall that I was resting on got very cold, the kids moved slightly and I held them to be quiet, I began whispering “What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck” over and over again in my head and maybe some got out of my mouth because the two kids raised their heads to look at me simultaneously, I quietly moved away from the wall and now returning the chocking hug the kids were giving me, the little one sighed and I looked at him gently shaking my head for him not to make any sound, I saw that the kid had been crying, the little boy was trying really hard not to cry out as the tears flowed down his face, this broke my heart immediately, I was a great big chicken who couldn’t protect these kids, shame on me I should get shot in the head for this…. at-least in the morning though, the boy was practically swollen up in tears, if he could he would cry out real loud like he usually does, he had mucus now about to run down his nose and I knew he would have to sniff soon, I thought of quietly cleaning it up for him but even if I cleaned it up for him he would either have to blow it out or suck it in to make it stop for a while, the older one only looked more confused with the passing time, it’d be disaster if he decides to cry too, I placed my head on the window pane and shifted the blind to see what was lurking outside without getting caught while expecting his sob or sniff any minute, I saw that the pale yellow lights was coming from a lantern held by a dark boney hand, I would say that a thin dark flesh covered the boney arms I was staring at, the other hand held a tall walking stick or some dumbass staff but I couldn’t see a face yet, I gulped saliva, the temperature in the room dropped some more although the air had stopped moving, it felt like a gigantic air-conditioner had been turned on in an airtight room and I felt my goosebumps  about to tear up my clothes.

He finally sniffed his nose and I saw the effect it made on the hands outside, I finally saw a face taking a form as the arm holding the lantern bent like someone was peering through the window, I can’t figure out where the head was coming from, it seemed like some accumulated dust or vapor was creating a face, I watched in shock as it formed a face riddled in lumps and rotten flesh; a beaklike nose long enough to touch the window-glass and bulging or almost dangling eyeballs, the face had an orange tone to it and it began to glow while the lantern light began to die down, the face grew brighter and I saw strands of stringy hair spurting out of its head, its breathing sound was deafening now and  I couldn’t move an inch with all I was seeing, now the face with its nose painfully bent to the left was pressed on the glass covering the window and was looking through it then it slowly turned to my direction like a robot, I saw as the head still pressed on the glass window came crawling closer to mine like it was floating, I didn’t see a neck though, I quickly dropped the blind I had pulled slightly, by this time I was willing myself to move away from the window but finding that really difficult to do, I saw bulging eyes staring at me and wasn’t sure I could be seen, I shut my eyes tightly and wondered if the kids could see what I had just seen and for their sakes I hoped not, the little boy sniffed again and I slowly opened my eyes halfway, the face was more or less on my face now with the glass window and blind shielding me and I felt my right cheek freezing on the glass, I wondered if I’d be able to pull it away soon, I saw the ugly mouth open up to say something and I shut my eyes again, it screamed aloud like a mutherfucker and fear along with shock shot I and the kids across the room to the door, In seconds I was struggling with the doorknob trying to open it but it wouldn’t open up more like we’ve been locked in, I desperately threw a chair at the door like I had seen in movies and I know you can guess the results, I didn’t know how but I was only holding the older kid by the time I began thinking again, the younger one was no where to be found, I thought that I might faint soon and we both sank to the floor at the same time, I looked around in fear wondering where the baby was,

“Oh my gahd, oh my gahd” I said to myself and I felt something fall on me strangling me, I screamed out loud this time, the scream that I had had bottled up in me all day long, the scream of fear, pain, anger and shock and I was finally letting it all out, the boy I was holding was only staring at me in wonders, the fucker outside had started screaming again and I shut my mouth immediately-moreover nothing was strangling me, it was the younger boy that was holding me from behind, I swept him to my front and pulled him to sit on the floor by me, I was still shaking in fear, the screamer outside started beating against the glass-window now, its face had been imprinted on the glass now and the room was still cold, we all began shivering and my heart pumped madly, I thought I might get a stroke or something, I looked at the thing outside beating at the glass with its boney hands and screaming aloud all the time.

 “Oh my gahd! It’s trying to come in”.

I think I had different visions as I heard a crack from the window’s glass cover  or maybe I was seeing my life flashing before me, I missed my boyfriend so much right now and felt sorry because I knew he would never find out how sorry I am if I died tonight, I pulled the kids closer in a tight embrace and blocked their view with my shoulder, I backed the window and unconsciously stretched my hand to try the door again but ofcourse it was still locked, I turned my face to the door saying “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…..” to myself still shivering, it continued beating at the window screaming and I heard more cracks as the glass was about to break apart, I shook my head willing myself not to turn around, I heard the burst of glass breaking apart as the glass covering gave up, a gush of cold wind blew right into the room scattering my hair and everything it could lift in the room, the bulbs of the dimed lights in the suite exploded and went out into darkness, I traced and tried the door nob again with my eyes tightly closed, I knew all my moves tonight were pretty foolish because I wasn’t even being creative on getting us out of this  shit we were in, we were only folded in eachother’s embraces like some dirty-laundry, the scream went again like it was struggling with something while I was expecting the cold grip from behind anytime soon. I had no strength in me.

I can’t really say the next thing that happened but I think I fainted several times or something, I waited for the dead-grip but not sure if it eventually came, I didn’t know how or when the scream died down or what really happened, I remembered the frustrating screams that followed from the thing outside afterwards, I remembered the protective circle I was told about that kept spirits and ghosts out and hoped it worked even though I didn’t believe in such crap, I thought of my apartment and longed for it, I saw a vision of I and my boyfriend seated on my couch while he massaged  my feet, I saw myself buying ice-cream and pizza for the young boys I was holding while they tugged at me not to be late for the movie we wanted to see, I saw myself at my photo-shoot with my agent scolding me for showing up late, I dozed off and I guess I was soon doused with the incense of a strange deep sleep wondering….Did I just die?

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