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The Night At The Hotel. Episode IV (Part 2)

Part 2 of Episode IV

I instructed the help to get the kids ready to go home, the kids seemed to lighten up on hearing this, she took them both to the bathroom to freshen up and got them out shortly, I held the two kids by their hands and motioned for the maid to follow behind me, we walked briskly back to the car-park, although I pretty much hated to drive at night I knew this night would be an exception,  knew we could pass the night over and leave just when the sun was shining but I was too angry to consider it, I just wanted to leave the dumbass hotel of a joke with their stupid lighting and go home, I met the little group I had left outside earlier now quiet and watching the sky, they turned to our direction and seemed surprised when they figured that we were leaving, I was motioning for the kids to get into the car without the delay when I uttered a “What the?” on seeing that my left front tyre was totally flat, I turned with a sweeping look back at the group of employees behind me staring at them, one was already walking towards me, I think it was the barman, yes it turned out to be the barman when he got closer “Your tyre had been down since earlier this evening, we were trying to tell you the first time you came out, we weren’t sure when you were leaving, I’m sorry about this, is there anyway I can be of assistance ma’am?” he said to me, I was still speechless and wondering again what was going on, “Who did this to my tyre? We both know it was fine when I came out some minutes ago, so which one of you touched my car? Is this how you treat your customers around here?” I demanded. His eyes drooped and he apologized again, he said he had no idea about what happened to my tyre, he said they all thought that they might get it fixed for me by morning when they thought that I’d be leaving.

       He looked back at his group and at me uncomfortably and said “Ma’am if I may say, I think its too late to leave tonight, strange things happen here as soon as the sun goes down, would you please come back into the hotel and I promise that I would personally get your car fixed at no cost first thing tomorrow morning” he said to me pleadingly.

“Well I don’t think its too late to drive, I don’t own me an extra tyre but I’m leaving this fucking place tonight…… and what strange shit were you talking about?” I asked him out of curiosity, he looked behind me like he was looking out for something, I turned back to check the kids seated in the car waiting for me then I resumed to him, “I can’t explain them, we make a protective circle around the building every-night to keep evil out, the employees here are responsible for our customers and I plead with you to come back into the hotel, there are strange and scary…..” he was saying and I cut him off just in time, I understand they’ve got some stupid scare tactics to keep this place selling but they can’t keep me here when I’d rather be at home than staying here foolishly waiting for some floating ghost of misery to come and give me lap-dance, “Its okay, you can save the bullshit, now would you please point me out to where I can find the nearest vulcanizing stand?” I replied rudely, he seemed pained by my response and shook his head at me, he said he didn’t know any that was close enough but there should be one on the right side of the T-junction although he was pretty sure the guy wouldn’t be there by now. I thanked him and went back into my car, he didn’t move quickly, I could see that he was worried but I wasn’t quite sure why, I locked the car immediately I got in and started my engine to test it and also its brakes, I saw that in coincidence to me starting up my car-engine there had been some kind of whirlwind blowing outside as I saw the barman ‘s cloths move in the wind and the others shielding their faces from something, he seemed distressed and he finally gave up and went back to his group, they all left for the interior of the hotel, I bent to look at the sky and it did looked calm and bright enough, the stars were out and the moon wasn’t left behind too, there looked like there was some partying up there. I moved the car a little to test the brakes and all seemed to be fine, I got out of the car to catch the resting whirlwind blow at my hair before it suddenly stopped and opened up the car bonnet to check if any other thing was amiss, I also bent underneath the car to catch any drop of oil or something but everything seemed to be intact except for the flat tyre, I looked closely at it to see where it must had leaked from and saw nothing, I checked my wristwatch and the time was already 8:45pm, I sighed and stood up.

 I went back into the car and took hold of my phone debating on whether to call any of my siblings, I had sworn earlier that I wouldn’t call any of them till I got home 30minutes ago, I got through to only Lola who picked up sleepily “Where the fuck are you guys?” I asked her angrily, “Huh? Uh, who’s this please?” she said, by this time I was so mad that I had begun to raise my voice at the sleepy brat over the phone, the kids and the maid were watching me with concern and I knew I was scaring them, I knew I would finally loose my temper when I finally spoke with any of them and I wanted to get home first before loosing it, I wanted to seem in control of the fucked up situation and just get home first, “What do you mean you don’t know who you’re talking to, why the heck did you leave me and the kids at the fucking hotel, what the fuck is wrong with you guys” I shouted at her again, she seemed to had been more awake by now “Mae? Are you and the kids still at the hotel?” she began some explanation “We were gonna look for you when you called and told us to leave without you and the kids that you’d bring them home, I don’t really know what happened but we just found ourselves at home and I had been tired since I got home, is everything okay?” she added, I closed my eyes and willed the imaginary fire that was about to shoot out of my head back in, “Except if you guys have gone really crazy then you must be kidding me….” I paused and hung up the phone, I got out of the car as I suspected that she would call back, the phone read ‘call failed’ as soon as I stepped out of the car, I bent back in and told the kids to give me a minute then I walked to the T-junction the same way I did earlier hoping to ease my anger, in some other case this would had been a lovely night with the big bright stars coming out and lighting up everywhere, I got to the junction and looked at the left and right road, there seemed to be some speck of light down the road going right, “Maybe that’s the vulcanizing stand the barman was talking about” I thought to myself, I think I felt a little bit better so I returned to the car, I didn’t want to leave the kids alone with the maid in the car so I got the kids out and we walked towards the hotel, I noticed that some white powder had been poured on the ground just before the hotel-entrance, it seemed to go round the building, “How-come I didn’t see this before” I asked myself, on entering the hotel I noticed that the employees were loitered about the dim-lite lobby having nothing to do, they seemed to have been waiting for us to get back in, they each all asked if we would be needing anything, dinner or the likes and I declined everything, I asked for the management and they told me I could call a number printed on their pamphlet, I walked with kids back to our suite and searched for the pamphlet as soon as I was chanced, I found it under the dining table where I must had flung it earlier in the day and found two international numbers linked to the sole-managers, I looked at my phone and wasn’t surprised when I saw no signal then I went to the desk phone placed on the bed-drawer and stared at it.

I didn’t see the harm in trying so I lifted the receiver up, I knew the kids thought I wasn’t the nicest person around right now as they had never seen me angry or look so serious before. I picked up the receiver and chose to dial the number of the first manager listed called Karl Roger and to my frigging surprise it rang through. A chilled voice picked up the phone ready to help me simmer whatever anger or compliant I was about to vent, I asked if I was unto the Triple H’s manager Mr Karl Roger and he said “Yes, how may I be of assistance please”, I told him about how bad the evening had been for me and why my car had a flat tyre, he asked if I had in anyway noticed my tyre being bad before it got really flat and if I notified any one that I wouldn’t be spending the night at the hotel or if I asked for a reminder of the time I wanted to leave at the front desk, I knew where he was headed and I also knew I didn’t have any justifiable reason to blame the hotel for my tyre issue or of me waking up late after crashing at the bar, maybe they probably didn’t want to disturb my neck-breaking sleep, and I do remember that cars are meant to be parked at their owners’ risks, I sneered and asked Mr Karl if he could get someone to get my tyre fixed tonight, he calmly asked if I had an extra tyre to change into and I blushed saying “No”, he went further to say that he would only advice me to chill till the next morning to get my car fixed and he didn’t see it safe to drive that late, I sighed and checked my watch, it was only 8minutes to 9pm I almost told him, “I would make sure that your night at the hotel would be a memorable one if you allow me to call the desk and make sure you’re given all you need and more Mrs?” he asked, “It’s a Miss, and never mind about that, if I’d be needing anything I’d be sure to call up someone” I told him, “Alright Miss, would you be making any other inquiry?” he asked, “No, thanks” I said and hung up. I picked up the receiver and thought to check if I could call home again but it wouldn’t call through, I tested the phone again and called the front-desk but it went through just fine and I hung up just in time as the female attendant picked up the call.

I stared at the wall for some seconds and decided to go back to the T-junction where I saw the light I saw earlier, I told the maid to watch the kids while I leave to get someone to fix the car, she nodded and I stood up to leave the room, I changed my mind at the hallway and asked them to leave with me, I held the kids by the hands and the maid followed behind us, I seemed to shock every employee again as we stepped into the lobby, they all stared wide eyed at us as we left the hotel, we walked past my car and headed towards the T-junction and were soon on the bend towards the light I saw earlier, I turned back to briefly check on the maid walking behind me and she seemed fine, as we got closer to the light I saw that it was more of some burning and I kicked myself for not knowing this from the onset but still we walked towards it, it was beginning to look like some long walk as we got closer to it, as we finally got to the fire there was no vulcanizing stand anywhere to be found, there was no one in sight and I decided to head back to the hotel because I didn’t want to go too far, I picked up the little one and placed him on my back, as sweet as the little kid was that was the best that I could do for him at the moment, the maid had resumed behind me and I held the older boy to my left as we headed back to the hotel, he tugged at me after we had walked some meters past the fire behind us, he pointed at two hefty men down the pavement to our left, fear shot through me when I figured out what they were busy doing, they hadn’t noticed us passed by or maybe they pretended not to, they both held large machetes in their hands and were beating down on something  that kept splattering blood  all over them then I noticed a third one holding a chainsaw or some kind of  machine with his hand standing behind the both of them monitoring them, he looked up at us just in time to catch us trying to sneak away, the burning flames behind us reflected in his eyes that spelt H-A-T-E, I was now running really scared because I knew these guys could possibly be killers or some ‘ritualists’, I mean what could they be beating down on so vigorously, if that was an animal then that was some crude and mean way to take its life, I walked briskly trying not to run and get chased by these 3 big men, the other two had stopped working and stood up straight looking at our direction, the third one motioned for them to continue and moved to come towards us, I saw him climb the pavement to get on the side walk so I pulled at the scared kid I was holding and told him to run when I asked him to, he nodded and held my hand tighter, I turned and eyed the maid to walk faster but not to run, by now the big scary –looking bouncer-like man was now unto us, he wasn’t in a hurry but he was walking in big strides behind us, I uttered “goddamn it” when I saw his large long figure coming towards us real fast, the kid I had on my back held me tighter and his arm was almost choking me.

I began to jog to increase pace, I saw the lights of the hotel but it seemed to look farther than I hoped , I couldn’t see nor hear the maid move behind me so I turned back, I searched all around me and I couldn’t find her, I thought of screaming her name and just like he read my mind he started the chainsaw, I had begun sweating and I cursed beneath my breath, “Where the fuck is she?” I asked the kids but more to myself, I looked ahead of me and saw a dark figure running ahead of me, I wondered how she must had run past us without us knowing, I looked back and he was only two big steps close now with the chainsaw humming loudly at his hand and his face wasn’t so visible by now. I pulled the kid I was holding and started running towards the hotel, I felt cold dry ice at the back of head as the kid behind me breathed on it, I felt it crawl up to my brain and thought that I might just stop moving due to shock soon, I got back to the T-junction and turned back, he had started jogging towards us with his big strides and still holding the chainsaw at hand, I was all sweaty and tired by now and I struggled with the kid I had on my back to run while still holding the older one to my right, we ran like tired thieves towards the hotel and I was tempted many times to stop holding the kid and drop the one I was carrying to sprint better, we almost broke the glass door to get into the hotel because I was pulling the door the wrong way, someone pulled open the door and we fell right in on the floor, I was so fucking scared I had difficulty dragging myself up, I looked back at the see through glass door and I saw him only stand watching the door with the chainsaw at hand, I pushed myself from the door forgetting about the boys trying to hang on tight to me, the images of ‘The Texas chainsaw massacre” movie ran through my mind, I wasn’t sure if the wetness I felt were my urine or a child’s, the doorman  and the barmen walked towards me trying to help me get up but I was still too shaken to do anything, I head someone trying to assure me that the spirit outside couldn’t get in, the doorman now blocked my view of the door and I struggled to see the door, I answered the voice which had said something about a spirit coming in,  “Spirit? Spirit? Did you just say sprit? There’s man with a chainsaw out there and you say spirit?” I said pointing at the door, the doorman stood out of the way to look at the door and we all saw him turn around and stroll back to where he came from, “He’s a spirit and can’t come in, you see he’s leaving already, you’re inside the protective circle now, you’re safe now” the doorman said trying to reassure me again, I pulled the kids towards my chest kissing and hugging them, I stopped shaking soon after and slowly got up looking around for the maid, I asked the doorman if she had come through before we did and he said “No”, I asked the others who looked at me with concern, a young boy was already coming towards me with a cup of tea and I refused, he brought two mugs of chocolate for the kids shortly and I would had been mean to refuse the kids of something in their belly but I wasn’t so excited to eat or drink anything from the hotel anymore, I still needed an explanation of how-come someone called the suite and told my siblings that they could leave without me and the kids but I didn’t want to hear anymore about their ghosts, spirit and evil strange things talk anymore. We were ushered to a couch somewhere in the lobby, I kept the kids to myself and told them that I needed them to lie down, I only wanted to get back to the room and lock the door tightly behind us, these people though as helpful as they were trying to be were also creeping me out, as we got up to leave for the room, the bar man came towards me and told me that at exactly 11pm I wasn’t to make any movement wherever I was that another spirit roamed outside the hotel looking for her dead husband, she always carried a lantern with her looking for ways to enter the hotel and would scream whenever she heard or felt movements, I was to make sure I wasn’t seen nor heard, I stood staring at him contemplating on whether I should just roll my eyes and tell him to go sit somewhere, whatever they called spirit or ghost out there pretty much was real to me, I remembered the fire reflecting in his eyes, I heard the chainsaw’s engine loud and clear and the last thing I expect from this people is to use my fear to sell their dumbass hotel, I nodded and pulled the kids to the room, I took them to the bathroom and had them take a shower, their bags were still in the car and you’d rather kill me than ask me to go back out there this night, I had them wear their clothes back again and prepared them for bed, I decided to take a shower and joined them on the bed after splashing some water on my face, I knew I was still scared but I needed to be strong for these kids and I didn’t know what to think about the maid except “what happened to her?”. I knelt at the middle of the two boys on the bed and looked through the window at the star-lite sky, I looked back down at them and smiled, “We’d talk about tonight when we get back home okay?” I said and they both nodded then they asked for a bedtime story, I sighed wondering what story to tell them, I went “Once upon a time…” but was cut short by a loud ear piercing cry and I froze on the spot…… to be continued.

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