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The Night At The Hotel. Episode IV

Episode IV

I slowly opened my eyes from my unexplained siesta and held my head as the first wave of headache came, I shut my eyes to shut the ache out and shook my head slowly to clear my head ‘literarily’, I noticed that the bar had been closed or something had happened because the bar-lights had been turned low, I turned down to check my wrist for the time and I figured that I had been asleep for more than 3hours, ‘huh! 3hours?’ I thought out loud, how could I had been asleep for 3hours just sitting here and I wondered why nobody had tried to wake me up, I looked around to blame someone but the bar was very much empty, my drinks and cup were still in place untouched, another pain shot at my head again, I held my neck wondering what was going on, the lobby of the hotel had been lighted dimly and I found it hard to see enough to gain my balance, I staggered out of my seat and walked slowly to the restroom. The restroom still had its bright lights on and this almost blinded me that I had to support myself with the nearest sink quickly closing my eyes, the moron who turned down all the lights had forgotten about the ones in this restroom,

I put my right palm over my eyes and slowly opened them to allow the lights in gradually, I stared at myself in the mirror right in front of me wondering how terrible I was looking, I wasn’t looking pretty at all, I had lines of scars from where I had been sleeping and my lips looked swollen but apart from these I looked just ordinary although I felt like my eyes were about to fall out, I rinsed my face with the cold water from the tap and pattered my face with the loose part of my top, I looked at myself in the mirror and I knew how terrible I looked even though the mirror was telling my eyes lies or my intoxicated head was telling my mind lies, I held my forehead like my brain was about to fall out and I knew the next thing coming, I bent my head and puked all over the sink the meal I had had earlier today, I kicked myself when I inhaled a full doze of fish and bile and somewhat the culprit of everything- alcohol. I spat out the following saliva and watched the mess I made slowly flow down the sink, I had a feeling they might be needing a plumber soon, I stopped staring at the shit in the sink and went for another sink to clean up, I rinsed my face again being careful not to get pepper into my eyes.

 I stood up straight and held my neck rubbing it then I held the sink again shaking my head when it occurred to me that my folks would had probably been looking for me but I wondered how-come they hadn’t been looking for me earlier, I mean I wasn’t that hard to find because I remembered telling them where I was heading to while they were busy talking with mum, and the bar was very visible once you get into the lobby of the hotel, I mean would they talk for over 3hours and forget that I was supposed to be with them or what exactly is going on here, if they had looked for me earlier I would had napped on a proper bed and not on a stupid bar table, I thought angrily to myself, I pushed out the stupid break-up memory when it tried to crawl back in with its broken legs, I didn’t remember if I had come into the restroom with my purse and I became awake immediately, I had a feeling I might had been robbed while I had been asleep and hurried back out into the lobby looking alarmed, I found my purse and mobile phone on the bar table just staring at me probably the same way I had left it, I grabbed them both leaving the drinks on the table, there was nobody in sight for me to question so I went back to the room-suite, I checked the contents of my purse as I walked through the dim-lit passageway back to the room, I knocked softly on the door and prepared myself for all the questions of the whole world that I was sure my siblings were going to query me with, I got no response and knocked again putting my ears to the door to listen to any sound from the room, I found out that the door was ajar and pushed it in, the room was dark and empty.

 I walked in wondering what the fuck was going on, I stretched my hand looking for the light switch, if I had been calm I guess I would had  heard the soft sighs from the kids sleeping in the room, I found the light switch as I called out any of my sibling’s name and then I got a “Humh?” response, I got the light on and saw that the maid had answered me from her sleep, I had woken her up already and she sat up looking at me, I saw the two kids sleeping peacefully on the bed by her, I bet she must had slept watching them sleep because she seemed tired, I asked her where the aunties went to as she yawned and woke up some more, I walked to all the corners of the room checking them as well, I knew we the adults had overgrown the hide and seek game and I wasn’t even in the best of moods to be jumped at this moment I thought though to myself, I held my head as another wave of headache came, the headache came from the back of my neck and it was really discomforting me, I asked her again where the aunties went and this time she answered “They have all gone home” she said to me, I looked at her in shock, if she was joking I knew I was going to slap her if a laugh jumps out of her mouth, “Huh? What did you just say? Where the heck are they?” I asked her again and she gave me the same answer, “Home, as in their houses?” I asked her stupidly and she said “Yes”, I found the nearest chair and sat down wondering if I was dreaming, “They said that you would take us home when you got back” the maid added, I turned and stared at her in confusion, she mistook my confused look for anger and she stared down at the floor looking at something I didn’t know, I asked her when they left the hotel but I didn’t even wait for an answer, I was getting really angry for every single moment that passed. I got up and told her to watch the kids for a minute while I try to figure things out, I checked my wristwatch and it was 5minutes past 8pm, I walked briskly back to the lobby trying to find someone, I stepped into the lobby and walked to the exit/entrance, there was nobody manning it right now, I pushed the heavy tinted glass door with almost all the strength I had.

I stepped out into the open air ignoring the little group sitting just by the left wing of the door and walked straight to where I had parked my car, I got to the car remembering I had left my purse and phone at the room, I saw the empty spaces where the two cars had been parked earlier, I uttered a “What the fuck” at the exiting tire tracks I also saw, I got more furious immediately and decided I would be taking the kids home, I didn’t care if this was some kind of joke.

I looked at the small group sitting outside as they were in some kind of interesting discussion even though they had been looking at me since I stepped out of the building in frustration, I saw that they were the employees of the hotel, I saw the door-guy, the barman, a young girl that roamed the lobby and the page and luggage boy, the other two I saw with them I didn’t know, I walked towards them and forced a “Hi” of of my mouth, they all stood up and each said “good evening ma’am”, I nodded and asked if they had seen my sisters leave or anything, they agreed that they had left after I called the room that they could leave without me, I opened my mouth in a real shock this time, birds could’ve nested in my mouth if they had wanted to, I didn’t understand what they had all said, my car was the only car in the car-park right now which could mean that there weren’t any other lodger in the hotel apart from me and the kids, if I didn’t believe in ghosts or some hunted house shit, I believed in crazy things like kidnaping or something like cannibalism, what if this hotel was just some front to trick people into visiting so that they could kidnap them and eat them or something I thought to myself, I didn’t want to look clueless so I decided to return to my room calmly, one of them asked if I needed anything or maybe was trying to alert my attention for something but I answered that I was fine without even turning back nor paying attention, I jogged back to the room and got in quickly, I locked the door as soon as I got in, the maid looked at me in concern carrying the younger boy who had also woken up, I sat down on a chair and placed my head on my hands with my mind trying to think right, shortly I got up and picked up my purse and mobile be continued.

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