Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Knock, Knock, Its The Unfriendly. Chapter VI

     Patricia woke up on Saturday morning stretching her arms, she thought she felt fine. She got excited remembering today was her school dinner night. She looked at her closet and got up to
get her dress out. She tried on her shoes and placed them by her reading table, she placed the dress on her chair and headed downstairs. “Mum, Good morning, Dad Good morning” she met her parents in the kitchen holding each other or something, Patricia giggled and covered her face, her parents both replied her and resumed their attention to each other. She went into the living room and found her brothers cleaning. She smiled and shook her head. “Good morning twins” she said to both of them, they both ignored her knowing she was about to tease them, “Look who won the sleeping match, showing us her teeth for a medal” Wale said, the three siblings laughed. There was no denying that Saturday mornings were always one of the best. Patricia loved the traditional family breakfast thing, the way everyone disobeyed the law of not eating with your mouth full. She loved to listen to her mother talk about who and who was getting some kind of punishment for bad behavior. She felt even more better when nobody talked about her Thursday incident. A good morning it was.
     Alex had called her at mid afternoon to check on her, he wanted her home address so he could come get her but her dad had promised to get her to the school premises by himself. Alex could meet with her up there and he could get to see who was taking his daughter as his date. Alex had agreed and hung-up. Patricia watched the clock hourly waiting for the dressing time to lapse. She watched television most part of the day and help her mum make lunch. She watched the clock in the kitchen too.
     At half past six she retired to her room to take a shower, she needed all the freshness she could get, “Nothing is stopping tonight” she thought to herself. Her mum came in later to dress her as she was applying her moisturizer. Mrs. Andrews had come in with her makeup set and gotten her daughter made up. She thought Patricia looked older and really beautiful, she was glad the doctor’s report on any pregnancy had been negative, she decided to pack up her daughters hair and form a wrap with it. She sighed when she was done with the makeover, she was proud of her self. “Look in the mirror” she told her daughter. Patricia leaped excitedly when she saw how beautiful she looked. Her mother handed her her dress and she put it on, it must had been a dress cut and made specially for her as it fitted her like a second
skin, Patricia kept beaming. Mrs. Andrews stepped back to look at her daughter with pride and handed her some simple jewelries. “There you go, my baby’s so beautiful, wait till everybody sees you in school” she said to her daughter. Patricia kept smiling “Thank you so much mum” she finally said. “Get your shoes let me go tell your dad you’re ready and get a camera, my daughter’s first date” she heard her mum say excitedly before she left her room. Patricia was left alone now, she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She knew she was beautiful and jaws would drop that evening.
     Mrs. Andrews arrived downstairs at the dining table to tell her husband to get his camera ready, she told him he wouldn’t believed how his daughter was looking. On his way to get the camera he stopped to get the door when he heard a knock. He opened and smiled as he saw who it was but said nothing, few seconds later, his wife and two sons heard him say “Oh why, come in dear.”
     Patricia had only waited five minutes and had gotten impatient, “What was keeping mum?” she thought to herself, the desk clock read twenty past seven o’clock. She wore her shoes and took her purse with her, she left her room and headed downstairs. “Mum, Mum!, Mummy!” she had started calling as soon as she left her room she was worried about spoiling her dad’s and siblings’ surprises. She gave up and headed to the living room. She stopped at the last stair hoping that someone sees her and jaw-drops but no one came, she rolled her eyes and stepped down holding her dress so she doesn’t trip. The living room was empty, so was in the dining area to the kitchen, she called “Mum! Dad! Dad! Deji! Wale!” she called out aloud but got no response, she headed upstairs again and checked every room. “Empty” she said to herself. She was back down stairs and took off her shoes, she wore a pair of flip-flops and walked outside, the cars were in the garage, she found no one. “Where did they all go? What’s going on? Is this some kind of a joke?” she said more to herself. A frown now crossed her face as she walked back into the house, there was a new chill to the house that she had ignored earlier. She stood at the entrance and opened her mouth in a voiceless scream. The blue eyed one sat on the edge of the stairs looking at her with concern. “I’m here now, now we would be together forever” he said with a beautiful smile.

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